7th Grade Reflection

I think my second year at West Ridge has been great. A few bumps along the road, but I otherwise I think it’s been amazing. I started out with a good schedule, good teachers, and good friends. At first I thought it would be just like 6th grade, except with a little more difficult work.

After the first week of school, I discovered that I had twice as much homework. I thought there must have been a glitch in the matrix, but it turned out there actually was that much homework! When I got home it was practice my clarinet, complete a 50-problem-long math homework worksheet, complete chapter-long science reading notes, finish my front-and-back spanish worksheet, annotate my English book, work on my Texas history project, and do my part for my team in the Future City competition.

I have learned several things being in school, such as:
-how to work under pressure
-how to keep straight A’s
-how to write a post about a 7th grade reflection
-how to get in good shape for track season
-how to finish all of my homework with time left for playing video games (this one took me a while)
-how to code when making a video game

Although 7th grade may have been quite a bit harder than 6th grade, I still enjoyed it. I mean, it’s not better than no school, but it wasn’t really that bad. There’s not really anything about it I would want to change. As these last few weeks arrive, I’m hoping that they’re way easier than the other weeks because I’ve almost exploded with all of the learning that I’ve been cramming onto my brain.

The Chosen One

I’m really happy about the free-post topic because now I can post something completely about Star Wars! In this post I’m going to try to explain my interpretation of a really important part of Star Wars without confusing any of the not-100%-star-wars-fan people reading this (probably everyone who reads this besides me 😕). As my Star Wars news for this post, I present the prophecy of the chosen one!

The Prophecy existed throughout all of the Star Wars movies, but was only mentioned during the time between episodes 1-3. The first thing I want to clarify is the fact that Anakin Skywalker, not his son Luke, is the Chosen One. The prophecy says the the chosen one will have a higher midi-chlorian count than ever recorded (midi-chlorians are in the blood of those who can tap into the force). He/she will also bring balance to the force. The prophecy did not specify whether the chosen one would be Jedi or Sith. Anakin fulfilled all of the prophecy because he had the highest midi-chlorian count (mentioned in episode 1) and he also brought balance to the force by killing Darth Sidious.

The midi-chlorian count thing is obvious, but the other part of it gets a bit more complicated. For explaining this, I’m going to assign “levels” to the explenation. This all starts way back when there was the war between the Army of Light, led by Jedi Master Hoth, and the Brotherhood of the Sith, led by Lord Kaan. One of the Sith there was Lord Bane. He fulfilled the prophecy of the Sith’ari (another prophecy) and started the Sith’s rise to power. During the War between the Jedi and Sith, both groups were at about a level 10, in knowledge and power. Darth Bane tricked the Sith into killing some of the most powerful Jedi, along with the entire Brotherhood of Sith. The Jedi were weakened to about a level 5, while the Sith had only Darth Bane, at about a level 3.

Now that the Jedi believed the Sith were gone, they began to rebuild, while Darth Bane could strike from secret. Without having to defend against each other, Darth Bane was able to gain power, while the Jedi gained some power, while being weakened from Darth Bane’s indirect attacks. Eventually, the Jedi made it to level 6, while in the same time, Darth Bane was at level 5.

Then Darth Bane created the rule of two. Before, a level 3 Sith Lord would have several apprentices, some level 2, and several level ones. Individually, the master could defeat anyone of his apprentices, but the apprentices would team up against their master, overthrowing him. Then the level 2 apprentices would get rid of the level 1’s, and then the level 2’s would battle until there was one left standing. This left the Sith at a level 2, when before they were at a level 3. The level 2 Sith Lords would not be able to grow into a level 3, due to their noticeability by the Jedi. This process would continue with several different Sith Lords. This weakened the Sith severely.

With the rule of 2, the master would start at a level 5, and train a single apprentice to become a level 5, then as the master grew older, the younger apprentice could confront the master. If the apprentice was too weak, the master would triumph, and take another apprentice, and if the apprentice were stronger, he/she would defeat their master and become the new master. The level 5 apprentice would be able to grow stronger into a level 6, while keeping the Jedi at the same level they were at. After generations of the rule of 2, the Sith made it to about a level 20 , while the Jedi were only 7 or 8.

This process shifted the balance of the Force, but it was still in balance. Then Darth Plagueis came along. He and his apprentice, Darth Sidious, succeeded in shifting the balance of the Force. The balance now shifted to the dark side, the Jedi were apple to sense the “dark presence,” and Darth Plagueis could now manipulate midi-chlorians to preserve life.

With the Force now off balance, the chosen one was destined to fix it. By defeating the emperor, Anakin Skywalker (as Darth Vader at the time) brought balance back to the Force. With the 20 levels of power now gone, along with all but one of the Jedi, the balance had been restored.

Great Poetry

I’m not a very interested person when it comes to poetry, and is don’t really have a favorite poem, or poetry author. When this assignment came along I had no idea what to do. After a bit of thinking, I remembered something. I LOVE STAR WARS! After I got the idea, I started looking for a Star Wars poem, and after a bit of searching, I found it.

I like this poem because it has a good story behind it, and a great description. This poem is about a lightsaber—specifically the one used by Anakin Skywalker, which was later given to his son, Luke Skywalker.

To a Lightsaber

The trusty weapon to a knight,

magical sword of flame,

beacon of justice, blade of light,

-“Lightsaber” is thy name.

A weapon of a better day,

whose memory long did fade,

buried like those whom it did once slay.

The years went on—and more did die

of murder and of lies

a corrupt reign stood strong and high

-for you had helped it rise.

You saw it not—in a faraway land,

hidden you bide your time,

buried, like bones beneath the sand,

hoping once more to shine.

You’ll shine again, famed sword of yore,

in better eras wrought,

new hands will carry you to war,

to right the wrong you brought.

By Lady Shizoid.

Challenge Week Five Media and Memory

I have a lot of great memories from when I was young, but there is one that stands out. When I was younger, I loved the game Star Wars Battlefront. The first time I played it, it became the most interesting thing I had ever experienced. Blaster rifles, rocket launchers, jetpacks, tanks, starfighters, lightsabers, and more. Whenever I played it, I began to gain my skill as a gamer.

Star Wars Battlefront is amazing. It was great how two or more people could play with, or against each other. After a while I became really good, and really addicted to the awesome game. At one point my dad and I could play together, and make it so the odds of the battle was about 600 vs 250, then we’d switch to the losing side, and come back and win. Battlefront also gave me my ability to be a quick learner, and a quick thinker.

Without this amazing game, I’d lose some of my best memories and experiences from when I was younger. Now I have Star Wars Battlefront 2, and I’m looking forward to the third one. This one game shaped nearly the entire video-gaming part of my life.

(I took this picture)

Amazing Apps

When I turn on my iPad, I have a bajillion things I could do, and all of these things come from apps. There are apps for texting, gaming, school, typing, recording, movie-making, emoji 😜, and more! Apps make life easier, entertaining, and better. I love all of my apps, but here are just a few that I use on a daily basis

I talk A LOT, and to me, texting and talking are pretty much the same thing. Texting basically let’s me talk with anyone whenever I want, wherever I am. It also allows me to send pictures to friends when I need help with a homework assignment or something. I really enjoy texting, and I find it as more of an app for entertainment rather than communication.

•The App Store
I’m already talking about how great apps are, so what’s not better than the app that gives you apps. When I’m bored, I find an (usually game) app, play it beat it, show off to my friends, heheh, and then get another app. The App Store gives me a bajillion apps to choose from, and guess what? Some of them are STAR WARS!!!

When smartphones came out everyone started the “:)”s and the “;(“s, and everyone thought it was clever, but it really isn’t that clever. For years I just used the strange combinations of keys, then I learned about emoji 👍👍👍. Now I can express pretty much any feeling from a tap on my keyboard 😊. I’ve used emoji so much that it seems as if it is just another part of the English language! 👏👏👏👏👏👏

Skype isn’t just for the iPad, but by having it, my life is so much easier! I usually like to Skype my friend so we can help each other with homework. Since I have Skype on a mobile device, I could be doing my homework anywhere in my house and still be communicating with my friend. It’s also way less complicated than actually calling, and you don’t have to pay anything to use it!

•ALL Game Apps
Games are AWESOME! I spend pretty much all of my free time on games. I’ve got entire pages of my iPad filled with games. iPad games are great because you can play them anywhere. No need for giant computers, some special programs, and controllers, I just need my iPad and I’m good to go!

Apps are a great thing to have around. With so many apps with for plenty of categories, apps can do almost anything!

A Wonderful Place

I really, REALLY don’t like leaving the house.  I’ve gotta keep playing videogames right?  When relatives come though, they want to go to stores, and restaurants, and stuff, because they don’t have those where they live. I really don’t like to do this, but there is one place I like to go to…

Olive Garden is the best restaurant in Texas ever. A calm place to spend time with your family while enjoying the delicious food. Olive Garden does an amazing job of filling you up, while keeping your entertained. If you’re going to stop in Texas, going to Olive Garden has to be one of the reasons as to why you came.

My dad’s kinda cheap when it comes to eating out, so we usually don’t get any appetizers, but that’s one of the best things about Olive Garden! Flavorful soup, warm breadsticks, and delicious salad is a meal in itself—did I mention that it’s all you can eat appetizers? Then, although it’s an Italian restaurant, the menu appears as if it has everything. I personally enjoy the Parmesan crusted tilapia, but if you don’t like that, just look down about a few inches for another amazing meal!

Another great thing about Olive Garden is that boredom does not exist there. As I said before, the food just keeps coming, but still, there are plenty of other ways to stay entertained rather than getting your phone taken away for having it out at the table. My dad and I have a bit of fun with the drink coasters: we try to see who can flip and catch the most at one time. Then there are the nice patterns of lights, quite sounds, and delicious smells that (I believe) is the secret formula to sparking conversations, to keep the entire family involved.

Olive Garden is one of the only places that doesn’t make me think Icould be playing a video game right now. I can’t resist the endless food, and great memories that come from going to Olive Garden.

The Phantom’s Lair

Okay, so there’s this thing called the Phantom’s lair, and its supposed to be  really scary and stuff.  I think these ideas are a bunch of baloney.  In Christine’s room- rumor has it that behind the mirror I this trapdoor thing-a-ma-jiggy, and it leads down down down down down down down down down down down down down down into the Phantom’s lair.  Sooooo… behind the mirror is this (obviously) painting of a fake tunnel that leads downwards.  Well, it is amazing artwork, so I’ll take a photo of me leaning  against it to make it look like I’m falling.  Here we go, and- AHHHHHHHHHHHH.  Okay, there’s my picture, now for a more realistic pose… AHHHHHHHHHHH (I’m actually falling this time.)

Deep deep down below the opera house you stumble upon the lair of the Phantom. Only being able to see 2 feet in front myself through the thick veil of fog, I attempted to find a clearing. As the mist begins to fade I jump at the sound of a single drop of water that had managed to escape the grasp of the ceiling to reach the lake below. My feet make a clamping noise from colliding with the ground after the jump… the sound seeming to echo on forever of the vast walls of emptiness.

Through a door I find a small chamber. In it is an organ–rotting away as if nobody had ever given it any care. In the opposite corner stands a frame. Below it– lay fragments of a shattered mirror. Looking closer, in the place of where the mirror should have been, is a skull– drawn out of ashes

About ready to leave, I make your way back to the underground lake. The murky water makes the lake appear to have no bottom.   In the reflection of the water is a torch, the only object providing light to this lair of eternal darkness. The torch is flickering about– a bit like a tongue– in the darkness surrounding. It’s the only torch there, the only one…and its flame goes out…

My first thought– oh-no-bro, this ain’t good.  Unable to see, I’m about to panic when this music starts playing.  Although its a bit creepy, and its not a song, just the sound of an organ as if someone was slamming his hand up and down the keys of the piano. I’m a bit calmer after the music ends, but I’m still trying to find my way out.  Then I feel something slip around my neck. I can’t see anything, is it… a necklace maybe?  You know what, this place might not be so bad after all. I mean, the music was a little creepy, and the necklace may be a bit too tight, but– okay, maybe the necklace is way too tight.  Anyways, as I’m gasping for air because of the constricting force of this tight necklace, but maybe the Phantom isn’t so bad after all…

End of Act III






iPads are great for school. They have infinitely many uses, and they make the lives of students easier and better. iPads Are an efficient tool in helping with education.

One great thing about having iPads for school is that everything you need is compressed into a single screen! This eliminates the need to carry heavy textbooks with you. Furthermore, being able to complete assignments on your iPad get rid of the time spent making sure you’re not forgetting any of your assignments at home. All you have to remember is your iPad, and you’re good to go!

Also, in this world of expanding technology, there are more possibilities for learning. iPads connect us to these new tools of education, and they can promote learning faster and better than without the use of technology. One app I use for school is Flipboard, which gives everyone in the class access to innovative, and informative news articles. Not everyone would be able to see these new forms of learning without the use of iPads.

Technology was made to help people with stuff, and learning is part of this stuff. By utilizing the more advanced technology, you are using the more advanced education system!

Star Wars Books

I speak, watch, and read Star Wars. After watching the movies, I wanted more information, so I hit the books. After the first few books, I became obsessed, and I started reading more. After reading literally over 100 books, I still have hundreds more to read. Star Wars books are the best books ever!

One reason Star Wars books are the best is because of the story. When Star Wars came out, it introduced the whole new concept of the Force, so there are so many new conflicts that can occur that you have no idea how they will be solved. Then you have the 2 sides of the Force: Jedi and Sith. The 2 groups are the users of the Force, and the story ends with one side. Of coarse, it’s impossible to tell– through the action and mystery of the book– who is actually going to win, unless you finish reading the book, which makes it even better.

Another perfected piece of the Star Wars books is that nothing, NOTHING, contradicts anything else. If you’ve seen the movie Man of Steel, you should know that it contradicts the movie Superman 2. This is horrible, because for a true fan (not me for superman) you brain doesn’t know which story is right. Because there are absolutely NO contradictions in Star Wars, it has the ability to make sense, keep your brain intact, and make the world happy. 👍

Although I still have tons of Star Wars books to go, I’m saying it’s so-far-so-good for the Star Wars galaxy of entertainment. I’m hoping the key factors of a good Star Wars story will remain forever, but I will never wait to pry open the cover of any new Star Wars book I see.

The Super Bowl

Up 24-0? What are they advertising again? Wait, 28-0. Anyways, this year’s Super Bowl didn’t go so well. Commercials, halftime, the game itself–all bad.

The worst thingI’m not really a sports fan, but this is the Super Bowl, supposedly the best game of the year… Well not this time. They had a bad start, but then they went down more… By halftime I had 100% attention on my laptop playing Minecraft. It wasn’t that the Broncos lost that made the game bad, but the fact that the Broncos would have had to have a Super-Bowl-Record comeback to win, by the first quarter if the game. Sports games ames just aren’t interesting if the ending is already easy spoiled with a 30 point lead.

I usually like the commercials better than the game itself, but that didn’t turn out to well either. This year, each advertisement was telling you that you-want-to-fall-asleep, instead of buy-this-this-thing-it’s-awesome! Aside from a few commercials, they were just terrible-nothing interesting, no action, no humor, just plain old logos and narrorators. Unlike last year, when the ball went out of bounds you would go, “YES COMMERCIAL BREAK,” and then you would laugh your head off.

The entire game wasn’t very good. Neither were the breaks in between. I mean, if your going to have everyone watch the biggest game of the year- at least make it so the watchers want to watch for fun. I hope that for the next Super Bowl, it’s not the boredom that puts me to sleep.